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Grades K-2 at the Little Farmer 2017

ASCS Graduating Class of 2017

Registration for the 2018-19 school year.

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 NEW for 2018-19 – School Safety – Visitor Protocol


Below are the Active, in-parish tuition rates for the 2018-19 school year.

Students Completed Registration and deposit received by March 23, 2018   Completed Registration and deposit received AFTER March 23, 2018
3 or more Students (K-8) $5970 $6270
2 Students (K-8) $4190 $4390
1 Students (K-8) $2200 $2300
Preschool 3 (M/W/R) $1900 $2000
Family Scrip Fee (per family) $100 $100 


Full Payment Credit – Families can earn a $100 tuition credit for payment in full by September 1.


SCRIP Requirement Fee – A fee of $100 will be added to each family tuition account. Families are encouraged to purchase SCRIP and use the profits to offset this fee, plus earn additional money for tuition or the school general fund.  Please contact the school office for more information.


Pre-school 3 is for children that have reached the age of three by September 1, 2018.  Our classroom philosophy for these early learners is organized play, and classes are offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  There will be a morning section from 8:00-11:00 and an afternoon section from 12:00-3:00.  We have a maximum class size of 10 students per section.  All children should be bathroom trained by the beginning of classes.


4-Year-Old Kindergarten is a cooperative program with the Berlin Area School District and there is no tuition required.  Our teaching staff uses the BASD curriculum for 4-year old Kindergarten and follows the district 4K calendar.  Parents interested in the All Saints Catholic School site for 4K, must register at both Clay Lamberton (information attached to this email) and at All Saints Catholic School.  Please register online in TADS and contact us at 361-1781 to request the ASCS site for 4K. We do our very best to forward site preference requests on to the BASD, especially for current All Saints Catholic School and Parish families.


Non-Parishioner Tuition – Please contact the school office to discuss non-parishioner tuition and K-8 enrollment. Currently, All Saints Catholic Parish contributes approximately $3100 of the actual cost of educating each child.


Tuition Assistance – Tuition assistance may be available to families in need based on donations and an application process. Please use the TADS Financial Aid link to apply.


Please complete the online registration and enrollment information through TADS beginning Monday, January 29, 2018.


If you are a returning family and already have a TADS account, please use your current login and password.  For assistance regarding the enrollment process, please contact TADS parent support at 800.477.8237.  If you still have questions about TADS or would prefer to register at school, please contact us at 920.361.1781.  We are happy to assist with family registrations, lost login information or any registration questions.


I would like to invite all families to join us where we build Saints, Scholars, and Children of God.  Please call me personally with any questions or for a school tour.  Interim Principal – Mrs. Jana Dahms

Please use the TADS system and enroll today!

Wisconsin Tax Deduction For Private K-12 School Tuition Expenses

The tax deduction is one way the state can affirm the vital role parents play in their children’s education by giving families meaningful choices in where and how children are educated.

What is the tax deduction for private K-12 school tuition expenses?
Wisconsin Act 20 established a K-12 tuition tax deduction (see Wis. Stat. s. 71.05(6)(b)49) starting in the 2014 tax year. Taxpayers may deduct the private and religious school tuition expenses they have paid, up to $4,000 for each dependent child in Kindergarten through eighth grade and up to $10,000 for each dependent child in grades nine through twelve. The tuition expenses must have been paid on or after January 1through December 31.  You must ask for this deduction.  Visit the resources below from WCRIS for more information.

ASCS Prayer Pal Program

The students of All Saints Catholic School each year reach out to our community and beyond to those in need of our prayers.  If you know someone who is ill, injured, or just in need of our help, please complete the form linked here and send it to school.  Each person will receive prayer cards from our students and be in our thoughts and prayers.

ACRE Testing

Students in Grade 5 and 8 have completed the National Catholic Education Association ACRE evaluation in religion. This is a required diocesan test for grades 5 and 8.  The test assesses faith knowledge as well as a student’s Catholic beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and practices.  The results are in.  Congratulations students and staff!

Nat’l Ave. ASCS 2014 ASCS 2015 ASCS 2016 ASCS 2017
Grade 5 69.4% 89% 80% 86% 74.1%
Grade 8 72.8% 97% 86% 100% 92.5%

Bible Verse for Today

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National Catholic Schools Week 

Hoops for Heroes and Hometown Tribute To Heroes

Hoops for Heroes and Hometown Heroes Recognition

On Thursday, January 31st between the girls and boys basketball games at 6:00 PM we will be honoring those who work in those departments in our community.

If you would like to help us honor them, below you will find the order form for our Hoops for Heroes t-shirts. I would like to commend The 7th and 8th grade class for coming up with the idea. Together, they chose the design for the t-shirts. The t-shirts will be gray in color with the logo in blue across the front. The logo is found in the upper left and corner of the order form.

The proceeds from the t-shirts will benefit our local fire, police and EMT departments.

All orders must be returned to All Saints Catholic School by Tuesday, January 22nd in order to get them in time for Catholic Schools week.

Please note: Any orders received after January 22nd, will not be ready in time for the game on Thursday.


Hoops for Heroes t-shirt order form

Hot Lunch Menu

Now serving fresh fruit
every day on the salad bar!

2017-18 Hot Lunch

Student $3.10
Adult $3.75

Remember our Charleston Wrap fundraising program is ongoing. 

Click here to view and order.

Remember SCRIP – With the SCRIP program at All Saints Catholic School, you can raise important funds for our school in a few moments. Many orders can be filled on site or special orders are placed on Mondays at 8:00AM and should be ready for pick-up on the following Friday.

Our ScripNow code is EDB23A4F82L2

SCRIP is available after each Mass and at school Monday – Friday from 7:30-3:30pm.  Orders are placed on Mondays at 9:30am and should be filled by Thursday afternoon each week.  Please be sure to place any special orders by Monday at 9:30am.

Thank you for supporting our school through the Scrip program.

Our Mission Statement: 
All Saints Catholic School offers a Christ-centered education that develops the academics, morals, and values needed for students to reach their full potential as children of God.


Accredited by WRISA


All Saints Catholic School
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