Last week Halloween filled the halls of ASCS!  Thank you to our Parents for the fabulous treats.

ASCS Prayer Pal Program

The students of All Saints Catholic School each year reach out to our community and beyond to those in need of our prayers.  If you know someone who is ill, injured, or just in need of our help, please complete the form linked here and send it to school.  Each person will receive prayer cards from our students and be in our thoughts and prayers.

Our Mission Statement: 
All Saints Catholic School offers a Christ-centered education that develops the academics, morals, and values needed for students to reach their full potential as children of God.


Accredited by WRISA


All Saints Catholic School
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Hot Lunch Menu

Now serving fresh fruit
every day on the salad bar!

2017-18 Hot Lunch

Student $3.10
Adult $3.75

Remember SCRIP – With the SCRIP program at All Saints Catholic School, you can raise important funds for our school in a few moments. Many orders can be filled on site or special orders are placed on Mondays at 8:00AM and should be ready for pick-up on the following Friday.

Our ScripNow code is EDB23A4F82L2

SCRIP is available after each Mass and at school Monday – Friday from 7:30-3:30pm.  Orders are placed on Mondays at 9:30am and should be filled by Thursday afternoon each week.  Please be sure to place any special orders by Monday at 9:30am.

Thank you for supporting our school through the Scrip program.