Education Commission

Education Commission

The All Saints Parish Education Commission is an advisory body, operating various programs for the education of Catholics, regardless of race or national origin at Berlin, Wisconsin.  It is subject to such regulations that might proceed from the Diocesan level.

The purpose of the commission is to further the teaching mission of the Catholic Church within the local community by promoting various forms of Christian education that will best serve the needs of the community.


2019-2020 Education Commission

Kelly Schmitz (President), Amy Wenig (Vice President), Amanda Toney (Secretary), Brian Bending, Samantha Hess, Cathy Hargrave, Greg Walker, Fr. David Greenfield, and Principal Jana Dahms.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Commission:

  1. To provide coordination of all Catholic educational programs and to seek a better understanding and wider support of these programs with the local community.
  2. To see that the effectiveness of the educational programs is evaluated and maintained with due regard to the curricula as recommended at the Diocesan level.
  3. To recommend policies meant to guide the Principal and Director of Religious education in the supervision of the educational programs.
  4. To recommend policies relating to the planning, operating and maintenance of educational facilities and equipment.
  5. To review annual goals and objectives of the total educational process.
  6. To recommend committees on a standing or ad hoc basis according to need.
  7. To recommend equitable tuition rates for parishioners, non-parishioners and non-Catholics.
  8. To recommend the annual All Saints Catholic School and Religious Education budgets of income and expenditures to the Finance Council, and secure adherence to the budgets.